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Stimulating Developments with SpineX

Our friends and partners at SpineX were recently featured in The Spin, a spinal cord injury magazine from British Columbia.

The article outlines how neuromodulation is moving from the lab into other treatment settings and the potential that this change could have to improve daily life for people with spinal cord injuries. An Innovator in the field of neuromodulation, Dr. Parag Gad helped The Spin get a peek at what this move might look like. Through work at UCLA Dr. Gad, a bioengineer and CEO of SpineX, has partnered with Dr. Reggie Edgerton who has been a research leader in the field for more than 40 years. Together, and in collaboration with Reneu Health Inc., they are studying real world applications of SpineX's SCONE device. The SCONE, short for Spinal Cord Neuromodulator, was created by SpineX to explore Dr. Edgerton's work and has been recognized by the FDA as a "breakthrough device."

While working with Dr. Gad and Dr. Edgerton, Reneu Health has been afforded the rare opportunity to combine SCONE with our kinesiological services. We have served the SCI, Parkinson’s and CP communities with Kinesiology and neuromodulation, and have had success in all three areas. As practitioners, Reneu Health has been able to easily integrate SCONE into our services, thus allowing us to be more effective with our training.

To read more about the exciting study that Reneu Health had been a part of with Dr. Gad and Dr. Edgerton, read the Fall edition of The Spin.

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