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THE ABILITECH ASSIST + RENEU HEALTH TRIAL STUDY - Targeting arm and shoulder weakness.

Updated: Jun 6, 2021


We are now accepting qualified volunteers to participate in an innovative 8-week study combining cutting-edge assistive technology with clinical kinesiology.

Email or to learn more.

Abilitech Medical and Reneu Health have partnered to create a training program designed to maximize gains of the Abilitech Assist by pairing the new technology with Reneu Health’s unique hands-on, personalized activity-based training program.

The Abilitech Assist is an upper-arm assistive device that powers both the shoulder and elbow to allow for higher quality functional arm movements and increased independence. By working with expert kinesiologists from Reneu Health, users of the device will receive essential activity-based training to maximize potential benefits. Over the course of the 8 weeks, gains in overall independence in activities of daily living, quality of life & upper body function will be tracked and documented.

Program includes*:

  • A personal Abilitech Assist device

  • 8 weeks of personalized training sessions with the Reneu Health team (2 sessions per week) *Contingent on insurance coverage of device

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