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frequently asked questions

Our focus at Reneu Health is activity-based therapy, but we can offer many different programs depending on the needs of our clients. Because our offerings are so varied we typically get a few questions. We have put together a list of our most commonly asked questions below for your convenience;

1. What is activity-based therapy?

Activity-Based Therapy is an evidence-based strategy for maximizing recovery of the neuromuscular system. Fundamentally it is providing the mind and body with a stimulus to adapt to. At Reneu Health that stimulus is movement.

2. What type of preventative care do you perform?

Reneu Health will focus on preventive issues such as, falls, osteoporosis, posture, and other common physical aging issues. Activity-Based Therapy will provide the proper stimulus required to reverse these effects.

For Example


These are just examples and each client will be determined on an individual basis. As the client's body adapts so does the activity

  • Osteoporosis: We will focus our sessions on weight bearing activities. If appropriate we can also use vibration training to assist in our efforts.

  • Posture: We can loosen tight muscles and strengthen weak muscles to help pull you back into proper alignment.

3. What type of post-trauma techniques do you perform?

For those that need more attention we will use a hands-on technique that promotes neuromuscular adaptation. Once they have progressed we will include more complex developmental movements and functional activities.

We will do everything in our power to assist our client in succeeding.

4. What is the cost of your service?

Reneu Health offers 3 tiers of service dependant on client needs. Contact us for pricing and to determine the client needs.

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