Reneu Health is thankful for the many lives we've been able to impact in a positive way; The many clients we've helped stay in their homes, rediscover independence, and help in their recovery. The families that we have become a part of. The caregivers we have been able to support. And the organizations that we have been able to speak to to help foster understanding about health and wellness and the importance of taking care of yourself NOW.

  • Tom D. in San Diego

    If you have Parkinson's you go to the doctor, you go to the gym, you go to the seminars, you read the material and you test drive support groups. I did all that for seven years and a good friend convinced me to work with a professional that would get to know me and understand what I needed in my exercise routine.  

    That professional was a team member of Renue health. She has changed my life, the progression of the disease and my understanding of the physical process my body is going through. One hour a week and my kinesiologist is in my head the entire week.  She knows when to push and when to explain. She pulls from her training, her experience with other clients and we have been working together almost two years. 

    Balance was a big problem and fear. My wife and I travel a fair amount and this past year I was in a position I had to climb 170 steps, with no handrail, to Tito's tomb in Serbia. Would have impossible two years ago. 170 steps up and 170 steps down. No problem.   

    We modified and customized my stretches to fit back and arthritis problems. I have my own set of stretches, with me as the star, on my I pad that I travel with. Our sessions are not easy and not without pain. I do not pretend I always look forward to them. But I miss them when we are out of town! 

    I have no doubt their concern is genuine. My results (improvements) have been real. Exercise is so important, and the right exercise is equally important. I do not kid myself. Parkinson’s is a progressive disease and I still hope for a cure. Until one is found the Renue Health trainers are a permanent part of my life.    

    With great respect for the business and team they have built, 

    Tom D.

  • Sally W. in San Diego

    I am writing to comment on the wonderful and friendly therapy I received  from Reneu Health after I broke my hip. My therapist was prompt, friendly and very professional. Set my mind at ease. Very thorough. 

    There was no pain involved in my hip therapy. Just a lot of movement and resistance and he could resist. . Tough but when my nine sessions were complete the Orthopedic doctor complimented me to him on my therapy. I walked out of the doctors office healed!!

    Several years before my husband had therapy with a Reneu Heath therapist for his Parkinsons and inability to move. Very professional, friendly and strong. Very caring. 

    Next time I need therapy I will call Reneu..

  • Janice in San Diego

    I am a 72 woman who lost mobility confidence because of two injurious falls I had taken within 14 months. I have progressive peripheral neuropathy. I was reluctant to exercise because of poor balance coupled with my use of supplemental oxygen. A friend urged me to solicit help from Reneu Health. We have worked together for seven months. The results are very encouraging. We are working on muscle strength and stretching which have already led to better balance and my growing self-confidence in motion. Now that I've made this progress, I know I can improve my mobility vastly more than I ever imagined. Thanks to Reneu Health's skill, patience and persistence I am optimistic about maintaining my independence.

  • Catherine Printz, PT, DPT, NCS

    I was referred to Reneu Health through a patient who had begun working with Reneu Health outside of the outpatient physical therapy setting. Reneu Health sought me out to coordinate the goals of care that the patient and I had already established with what he could work on within personal training. I was supremely impressed both by their knowledge base and by their willingness to coordinate our plans of treatment so that the patient could maximize his improvement.


    I have since referred many patients with neurological impairment to Reneu Health. Every single person that I have worked with within the company has been incredibly professional, caring, and knowledgeable.  I would not hesitate to refer my patients out to their company in the future, despite the fact that I have moved away from the Southern California region.

    Thank you so much Reneu Health!

  • Candie Scott in Irvine

    Just a note to say thanks for the services you provide and to let you know that Reneu Health is really the best! My kinesiologist is knowledgable, attentive, kind, and very capable. I feel blessed to be under her care. Thank you!

    Best Wishes

  • Betsy Evatt, LCSW, CMC

    I am writing today to recommend the services of Reneu Health. I have been pleased with the success they have had with the Senior Care Management clients to whom I have referred them. Reneu Health's enthusiasm for what they do, turns therapeutic exercise into a task that can be enjoyed rather than dreaded. Reneu Health has been successful with motivating and engaging my most exercise-phobic client.

    Their trainers have a demeanor that is very respectful of their patients. They are professional, funny, and endearing. They are knowledgeable and mature. The older people seem to really enjoy them.

    I can whole-heartedly recommend the services of Reneu Health.

    Reducing Injury For Caregivers and Family Members

  • Mary in San Diego

    Happy Holidays, Reneu Health Team! My mom, looks forward to her sessions with Reneu Health every week. Your services and expertise are a true gift. 

    Thank you

  • David Higgins Ph.D.

    In my late 40s I began noticing minor problems in the way my body moved an my energy levels. I couldn’t explain my fatigue, reduced coordination, loss of muscle tone, and a constantly stiff shoulder except to blame “getting old”. Getting old? Really?

    Finally, in December 2011, at the age of 53, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease (PD). Suddenly every symptom made sense. As the saying goes, adversity is better than ambiguity, meaning it’s easier to deal with the devil you know than the one you don’t. A new chapter of my life had begun and I couldn’t help but wonder if it was the final one.

    Now, almost 5 years later and as I learn more and more about PD, it has become clear that while there are still a lot of unknowns about PD, one important thing that is known is that certain types of exercise can promote brain plasticity, or “rewiring”. In theory, new neurons could grow around areas of the brain rendered dysfunctional by diseases like PD in much the same way a road detour is constructed to get around a highway over pass that has collapsed. While building a detour around a dead, damaged or diseased area in the body is a relatively common phenomena in other parts of the body, it has long been considered rare, if it occurs at all, in the brain.

    In the few short years since my diagnosis the thinking about how – or even whether – the brain can rewire itself has been revolutionary. Now we know that exercise - specially exercise in combination with challenging cognitive tasks – can induce brain rewiring. Today for anyone living with PD there are 3 things you should know with respect to exercise and how it relates to slowing progression of this insidious neurodegenerative disease:

    1. Neuroplasticity is real; the brain CAN re-wire itself;

    2. Neuroplasticity can be stimulated with a combination of certain types of physical and cognitive challenges;

    3. To date this is the ONLY therapy - including ALL of the currently available drugs for PD - that has been clinically proven to slow progression of PD.

    Right now, exercise is the best medicine to slow progression of Parkinson’s disease.

    Wow! Get exercise and eat your peas. Straight from your mother’s mouth when you were a kid. Who knew Mom knew about brain plasticity before neuroscientists did!

    Most people with PD will benefit from physical therapy managed by a professional with specialized skills and training in dealing with PD. Likewise, if you choose to work with a personal trainer, they too should be trained to specifically address the needs of a client with PD. Getting a referral from your neurologist for a qualified Physical Therapist is pretty straight forward. Finding a qualified personal trainer with specialized skills working with PD clients, not so easy.

    That’s where Reneu Health and their personal training experts come in. Their company specializes in helping people with neurological challenges, including PD. They know exactly what type of exercise program will benefit you the most. There trainers all have skills and knowledge relevant to working with a PD client.

  • Andrea in Irvine

    Just a note to wish you a happy and prosperous New Year!

    I am so grateful for Reneu Health's fine services. They are dedicated, positive-minded, encouraging, remarkably creative and hard working. The staff members are gems.

    Many Thanks

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