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Fall Prevention

Falls are the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries among older adult hospital admissions. It is important to be aware of the statistics associated with falls, as well as, safety precautions every loved one should take. Incorporating physical activity in your everyday life can help prevent the chances of falls and positively impact your loved ones quality of life.

Statistics on Falls.

  • Every 11 seconds, a senior is being treated in the emergency

  • room due to a fall

  • Every 19 minutes, a senior dies from a fatal fallFinancial costs are expected to reach $101 billion by 2030

  • About 30% of seniors that experience falls injury themselves through a hip fracture, laceration, or head trauma

Safety Precautions.

  • Check in with your doctor for medications, eyes, and ear diseases

  • Wear sturdy, nonskid shoes that fit properly

  • Remove hazards in the home (boxes, wires, clutter)

  • Make sure there is sufficient lighting in the home (hallways, outside)

  • Use assistive devices

  • Hand rails: along staircases, hallways

  • Grab bars: in bathroom (toilets, bathtubs, showers)

  • Nonslip treads: bathroom floors, showers, bathtub

  • Raised toilet seats

Myths about Falling.

  • Limiting my activity won’t make me fall Activity keeps you independent and flexible Staying at home can avoid falls Over half of all falls take place at home

  • Muscle strength and flexibility is lost Exercise can help!

  • Medications won’t increase my risk of falls Meds affect everyone in different ways

  • I don’t need to check my vision every year Problems with vision can make you 2x more likely to fall

  • Using a walker/cane makes me dependent It’s important to stay safe, maintain or improve mobility

Physical activity recommendations that will improve strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility. Ultimately, reducing risk of falls.

  • Walking

  • Water Aerobics

  • Tai Chi

  • Biking

  • Yoga

  • Resistance Training

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