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5 ways to boost your immunity!

The immune system does a fantastic job protecting us against germs, but sometimes it can fail and get overwhelmed.

The immune system should be thought of as just that, a system that requires many things to work in harmony to protect us. There is still a lot that researchers do not know, but we do know that these five things listed below strengthen your immune system.

  1. Manage stress: Learn how to meditate. Slow down. Go outside for a walk.

  2. Moderate exercise: Roughly 150 minutes a week.

  3. Vitamin D/ Sunshine: Try not to go out when it is too hot and in the middle of the day.

  4. Stay hydrated: approx. Females 91 ounces, Males 125 ounces.

  5. Get adequate amount of sleep: Roughly 8 hours a night. Develop a sleep routine.

So, going out for a 30 min brisk walk in the morning 5 times a week can effectively get 3 out of 5!!!

Stay healthy!! Aging is Certain, Decline is Not.

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