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Big News!

We are so excited to announce that Reneu Health, Inc. is set to open its first wellness center in Kearny Mesa! Tentative opening is around June 1st.

We have enjoyed many years of in-home therapy and will continue to provide those services without interruption. For those who prefer a central location, we will now offer the same personalized service in our premier center. We are honored to have worked with so many valued clients and hope that this will allow us to grow and serve even more people in our community. In addition to our gym space, we will be able to expand upon our Education and collaboration with local professionals and trusted partners (including the Parkinson’s association!) Stay tuned for updates as we get ready to welcome you all!

We are a team of experienced clinical kinesiologists who specialize in preventive and rehabilitative exercise for seniors. We believe that aging is part of a beautiful journey and everyone deserves to live their best ​life. We understand that as our bodies get older, it doesn’t function the same. As some see this as a limitation, we see it as an opportunity. With the right mindset, knowledge, tools and support we help improve quality of life, slow the progression of certain conditions and help you take control of your health.

Call us today for a free consultation. San Diego 619.263.0329 or Orange County 949.245.6239.

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