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Bending: Spinal Curve

Just bending over improperly can cause back issues that you might not be aware of. An unexpected pain or ache may be caused by simply bending over. These issues can easily be solved with small spinal curvature corrections that we will go over in detail along with some basic exercises to strengthen your core that will assist you in enjoyable activities such as playing with a grandchild.

What kinesiologists see:

  • Spinal Curve - Increased Risk of Herniated Disk

  • Large distance between “object” - Balance Impaired = Increased Fall Risk

  • Muscle compensations in lower body - Chance of Quadricep/Hamstring Strains

An exercise we’d prescribe...

Assisted Lunges

  • Benefits: Increased Leg strength

  • Leg flexibility

  • Ability to pick up objects

  • Maintain Neutral Spine

Directions: Holding on to the back of the chair

Place one foot in front and one foot back (split stance)

Bend your front knee and have your body go straight down to the floor

TIP: Do not have knees go over your toes = Bending forward

Progression: Add a dumbbell on one side (switch each set)

Exercise Rx: 3 sets of 8 repetitions

Notice this pattern in your everyday life? Give Reneu Health Inc. a call and schedule your FREE consultation today!

We are a team of experienced clinical kinesiologists who specialize in preventive and rehabilitative exercise for seniors. We believe that aging is part of a beautiful journey and everyone deserves to live their best ​life.  We understand that as our bodies get older, it doesn’t function the same.  As some see this as a limitation, we see it as an opportunity.  With the right mindset, knowledge, tools and support we help improve quality of life, slow the progression of certain conditions and help you take control of your health.

Call us today for a free consultation. San Diego 619.263.0329 or Orange County 949.245.6239.

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