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Assistance, Please - Mobility for Seniors

Does your loved one need a little extra help with their stability and mobility? For example, do they need a walker to get around or do they rely on you to get out of the car successfully? Here are some useful tips to make sure that they are able to utilize the help offered safely as well as some strengthening exercises to help them be as self sufficient with these tasks as possible.

Using a Walker

Looking at the images below, you may not initially see the issues that your senior is demonstrating with their posture. In fact, it may even look "normal" to the untrained eye. What a kinesiologist sees is quite different.

What kinesiologist sees from top-down:

  • Cervical flexion – Looking down, causes neck stiffness

  • Thoracic flexion – Leaning forward, causes weak back extensors

  • Shoulder Extension – Arms far ahead, causes shoulder joint tightness

  • Far distance from walker – Fall Risk, causes increased fall risk

Two exercises we would recommend for increased strength, balance and confidence are;

Seated Rows: 3 sets holding 10-12 repetitionsDirections:Place band around foot,

  • heel can be on the floor

  • Grab one end in each hand

  • Start with arms forward

  • Pull your elbows back and tucked in

  • Squeeze your shoulder blades together


Seated Quadricep Extension: 3 sets holding 10-12 repetitions

Getting Out of a Vehicle

Another common issue that we see is improper assistance helping a loved one in and out of a car. It is something that we all love to help with, but to assure that we are successfully doing so, is an important part of the job.

What kinesiologist sees from top-down:

  • No arm & hand placement, causes decrease of balance, stability and increased fall risk

  • Stress on Caregivers body, causes injury to caregiver, decreased flexibility, mobility and decreased range of motion

An exercise we would recommend is;

Single Leg Raises: 3 sets holding 10-12 repetitions